How scooters can help the environment


The dangers of climate change and the importance of reducing carbon emissions has been recognized since the mid 1980s culminating in the UN forming the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 1988. Now almost two decades into the 21st century there has been real progress, but much work remains to be done. Just where are we in the fight to save the planet? How much can electric scooters help? Doing the math shows that every single part of society must contribute, and that electric scooters can have a very real impact.

 Short version: it doesn’t look good, but it isn’t hopeless yet.

Short version: it doesn’t look good, but it isn’t hopeless yet.

According to the International Energy Agency the world emitted 32.5 billion tonnes of carbon in 2017. This was a slight increase following several years where emissions were flat. This is still far from the goal set by the IPCC to cut 2010 emissions (30.6 billion tonnes according to the IEA) by half to prevent the worst effects of climate change. But on the positive side flat emissions were achieved for several years, and technologies for reducing emissions are becoming more popular every day. This includes scooters that even a few years ago could not go nearly as fast or as far while weighing under 20 pounds!


One key fact in fighting climate change is that every part of society must contribute. Estimates show that power plants which are the biggest greenhouse gas emitters only contribute about 22% of the total. Transportation, which includes cars, trains, airplanes, and ships, only account for 13%. Everything from the food you eat, to the place you live, to the products you use, to the waste you produce, all contribute almost as much as the fuel you burn or the electricity you consume. Thus nothing can solve the problem alone but nothing can be ignored.

In this context electric scooters can have a huge role to play. We estimate scooters can reduce global carbon emissions by over 2% if widely adopted by city dwellers currently using cars. While 2% may not sound like too much, that is actually more carbon emitted than all of France or the United Kingdom, and almost as much as Germany.

The math behind the calculation are too complex to present in full but for an alternate simple calculation consider that there are over 1.2 billion cars in the world today. Each of those cars drive over 25 miles a day. If each car drove only 3 less miles per day by people using electric scooters instead, that car would save half a ton of carbon emissions per year. Multiply that by 1.2 billion and you have about 2% of the world’s carbon emission. As you can see there is even more room for improvement as scooters become more capable in the years ahead.

Electric vehicles have a key role to play in saving the planet, and electric scooters are the smallest, cleanest, easiest, and overall best solution for many. Help save the environment by spreading the scooter gospel today!